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Online Physical Science Lessons

For Grades 9 Natural Science: Chemistry & Physics

For Grades 10-12 Physical Science 

Including video lessons, notes, tests and answers
Ideal for homeschooling or schools
Used as science extra classes for individual learners
Covers SA (CAPS) and IEB curriculum
You can do Science
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About Us

Since 2016

Why Physical Science is important

  • Physical Science is required for many technical and medical jobs.
  • Physical Science helps us to reason and think logically.
  • Success in Physical Science builds confidence.
  • Physical Science opens doors to broader career choices.

Why you should use YouCanDoScience?

  • It covers the Grade 9 Natural Science: Chemistry & Physics curriculum
  • It covers the Grade 10-12 Physical Science curriculum.
  • It fully aligns with CAPS and IEB.
  • Lessons are structured and concise.
  • Available in English and Afrikaans.
  • Developed by experienced Physical Science teachers.
  • Includes Physical Science revision lessons.
  • Includes exam-type questions for Grade 9 – 12.
  • Ideal for test and exam preparation.
  • Technology is an important part of the education process.
  • Ideal for Autumn, Winter or Spring School.
  • Can be used for Science Camps.

What do you need to use the program?

  • Internet access
  • A computing device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone

About the authors


Linda Marais is a qualified Physical Science teacher with 25 years’ experience in the classroom, followed by 10 years as part of a programme to bring science education to disadvantaged communities. While working in rural areas, she realised the great need for affordable, quality e-learning programmes to make science education accessible to the South African population, irrespective of location.


Theo Marais started his career as a Physical Science teacher and later followed a successful technical career in Armscor and Atomic Energy Corporation. He also managed several manufacturing plants in various industries.

Together Linda and Theo have created a quality Physical Science e-learning programme based on the South African curriculum, covering Grades 10 to 12.

Our Vision

Opportunity for all to succeed

We believe YouCanDoScience can benefit all levels of learners – those who struggle with science can learn at their own pace, while a fast and keen learner can reinforce and test concepts.
Accessible to everyone
Quality science lessons at a very reasonable rate
Better learner self-confidence
Responsibility in learners
Assist Physical Science teachers
Sponsorship opportunities for corporates and individuals

Overview and Associations

“The programme is fantastic because it can help an average learner like myself be more confident. It is easy to understand and easy to use.”

– Jordan Kalala, Gr. 11 Learner




What Learners and Parents Say

I really enjoy your program and it helped me a lot to prepare for the exams because I understood the work better.
Alida vd Westhuizen

Gr. 12 learner

Tiaan’s marks improved from 56% to 94%. He is convinced that it is due to your program, as they did not have online classes. Many thanks for an excellent program, value for money and excellent service.
Lize Rossouw

Satisfied parent

Best program ever. Any parent with a child who has physical science as a subject can really invest in this. It is worth every cent. Thank you guys!!!!!
Satisfied Parent

Gr. 10 learner

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