You Can Do Science - Affordable Online Science Lessons

To all Principals, Physical Science teachers and Tutors

We are all aware of the importance of Physical Science, how much learners struggle with the subject and the difficulty of finding experienced Physical Science teachers. To help overcome these challenges, YouCanDoScience would like to offer your school the opportunity to partner with us.

We have a special school system (the teacher voucher) whereby a teacher/tutor can sign up all his/her learners sorted into the different classes. The teacher/tutor also has access to the prograss report of all learners and can therefor keep track of tests done by the learners.

If schools or tutor centres do not want to incorporate all learners, but would only like teacher/tutors to use the program as a preparation tool or as an aid in the classroom, please contact us at for permission and cost involved.

Why YouCanDoScience?

  • covers the grade 10, grade 11 and grade 12 Physical Science curriculum 
  • fully aligned to CAPS and IEB
  • lessons are structured and concise
  • available in English and Afrikaans
  • developed by experienced Physical Science teachers
  • includes Physical Science revision lessons which are ideal for test and exam preparation
  • technology is an important part of the education process
  • ideal for Autumn, Winter or Spring School
  • not only suitable for Holiday Schools, but can also be used for Science Camps


How will it benefit the teacher/tutor?

  • can use video lessons to teach in class
  • can give tests which are marked by the computer
  • program content is clear and user-friendly
  • will cut down on preparation time
  • great help for less experienced teachers/educator
  • using technology improves attention and discipline in class
  • continuity for learners when teachers resign


How will it benefit the learner?

  • learners love technology
  • can access lessons 24/7
  • catch up on missed lessons
  • learners can go back to previous grades to fill gaps
  •  “weaker” learners can repeat lessons as often as they like
  •  “stronger” learners can reinforce and use difficult revision tests to prepare for tests/exams
  • learners can work at their own pace
  • ideal for learners with busy schedules
  • notes summarise content and contain worked out examples
  • the Physical Science dictionary gives clear explanations and illustrations where necessary

How will it benefit the parent?

  • will significantly reduce costs of  Physical Science  extra classes
  • no driving to and from extra lessons


What do you need to use the program?

  •  internet access 
  •  a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone

For more information about the program, read How the Program works, More about the Program, Parents and FAQ.

* If you would like to incorporate YouCanDoScience into your school,  tutor centre or use it as a preparation tool, email us at for more details and prices.