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Personal Physical Science extra classes are charged per hour and are costly. To make Physical Science extra classes affordable and more widely available, YouCanDoScience offers different packages, allowing learners access to all lessons of all grades 24 hours per day.

1 Learner:

1 Month:R 330.00
3 Months:R 525.00
6 Months: R 900.00
9 Months:R 1200.00
12 Months:R1400.00

Family – 2 Learners:

1 Month:R 580.00
3 Months:R 950.00
6 Months: R 1650.00
9 Months:R 2200.00
12 Months:R2500.00

Family – 3 Learners:

1 Month:R 900.00
3 Months:R 1450.00
6 Months: R 2460.00
9 Months:R 3240.00
12 Months:R3600.00
YouCanDoScience also offers a voucher system for anyone who would like to sponsor a learner. Vouchers for 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months are available: Prices as above.

For schools who would like to recommend our program to their learners we give a bulk discount if schools are prepared to help with the administration of the vouchers.

Prices of school/tutor center vouchers depend on number of learners.

For companies who would like to sponsor a school or an employee’s children, Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) opportunities are available.

Please contact us on for more detail and a tailor-made solution.

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