We believe YouCanDoScience can benefit learners at all levels – those who struggle with science can learn at their own pace, while a fast and keen learner can reinforce and test concepts. Invest in your child’s future: Improve his/her comprehension and knowledge of Physical Science.

How YouCanDoScience can help your child
  • Learners can master physical science at their own pace
  • The individual and revision Physical Science lessons are ideal for homeschooling
  • This program is ideal for catching up when a child misses school for whatever reason – a child must never fall behind because
  • Physical Science is a subject which builds on previous knowledge
  • The programme combines seeing and hearing Physical Science
  • Learners can pause, rewind and repeat as often as they like to absorb and reinforce important concepts
  • Ideal for shy learners who are reluctant to ask questions in class
  • Learners can master science with extra classes at home and at any time that suits them
  • Learners can revise previous grades’ lessons to fill gaps in their knowledge
  • Ideal for learners with full extra-curricular schedules
  • All content is authored by experienced Physical Science teachers
  • All content is fully aligned with the latest South African curriculum
  • The programme covers all work required for Physical Science school examinations
How to get the most out of this programme
  • Encourage your child to use the programme regularly, and not only before tests and exams – it is better to keep up than to catch up!
  • Start using the programme early in the year – do not wait until problems arise
  • Take a keen interest in your child’s progress report
  • Create a comfortable environment for your child to work in
  • Using headphones will ensure better concentration
  • Your child must use a pen and a workbook
  • With hard work, sufficient time on the program and perseverance, your child will succeed
  • You must have a positive attitude toward Physical Science
  • Always tell your child that “You Can Do Science!”
  • Make sure that your child NEVER falls behind
  • If your child does not get it right the first time, it does not mean that he/she cannot do science
  • Encourage your child to work through previous years’ Physical Science examination papers to ensure they can complete an exam paper in time
Why Physical Science is important
  • Physical Science is required for many technical and medical jobs
  • Understanding the basics of science makes the technologically advancing world less threatening
  • Physical Science helps us to reason and think logically
  • Success in Physical Science builds confidence
  • Physical Science opens doors to broader career choices
Why learners see Physical Science as a challenge
  • Physical Science builds on previous knowledge, and learners often have gaps in fundamental knowledge
  • Learners lack confidence and are sometimes too shy to ask for help
  • Large classes make it difficult to give individual attention
  • Teachers need to teach at a fast rate to cover the whole curriculum
  • Learners fall behind because there is not enough time to absorb and reinforce
  • Full extra-curricular schedules make it difficult to fit in scheduled extra classes
  • Physical Science extra classes are expensive
Why the name YouCanDoScience?
We have chosen this name because we believe that all people, with the correct teaching, a reasonable amount of effort and a positive attitude, can pass Physical Science.

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