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PLEASE NOTE: The grade 12 final exam includes the following content done in Gr 11
                       -   Vectors
                       -   Newton's law
Electricity and magnetism: 
                       -   Electrostatics
                       -   Electromagnetism as background knowledge
                       -   Electrical circuits
Matter and Materials:
                       -   Intermolecular forces
Chemical changes: 
                       -   Stoichiometric calculations
                       -   Energy and chemical change
                       -   Redox reaction as background knowledge

Paper 1

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12





Waves, Sound and Light




Electricity and Magnetisme




Matter and Materials




Paper 2




Chemical Change




Chemical Sistems




Matter and Materials




* Optical phenomena and properties of materials (photo-electric effect, emissions and absorbtion spectra)